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Michigan State Premier Soccer League (MSPSP)

Michigan State Premier Soccer League (MSPSP)

Michigan State Premier Soccer League

The Michigan State Premier Soccer Program (MSPSP), also known as the Michigan State Premier Soccer League (MSPSL), 
is the competitive youth statewide soccer league in Michigan representing over 100 clubs and 12,000 players aged U13-U19 annually.

x MSPSP Spring 2022 season has begun!

MSYSA RTP Update 3/3

 Application for MSYSA 'New Referee Grant' for Affiliated Clubs (Rec and / or Travel)
The Michigan State Youth Soccer Association (MSYSA) is pleased to announce a new grant program specifically geared to benefit our affiliated clubs (recreation and/or travel). Our ‘New Referee’ grant program aims to encourage affiliated clubs to actively seek out new individuals to serve our sport as ‘US Soccer’ certified referees. MSYSA affiliated clubs who are successful in securing ‘new’ referees during the spring 2022 (as of 3-1-22) or for the fall 2022 soccer season are eligible, provided their grant application is received by August 31, 2022.

x Interested in becoming a Referee?
Click here!

x Contact MSPSP if you need MSPSP Patches
We will ship them to you for free (need address)!

x MSPSP SportsForms Registration (Player Registration)
Player contracts are now completed online!


x MSPSP Charitable Donations
MSPSP is committed to supporting causes that improve the quality and participation of soccer
 in the State of Michigan, in particular with organizations that are part of MSYSA & MSPSP.