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Michigan State Premier Soccer Program

The Michigan State Premier Soccer Program (MSPSP) is Michigan's competitive state-wide soccer league. We represent over 12,000 talented young boys and girls annually. Our purpose is to promote the development and execution of highly skilled youth soccer, sportsmanship, quality coaching and officiating within the State of Michigan.


*MSPSP Fall 2017 Scheduling is under way! Click here for more info*
*MSPSP Fall 2017 schedules to be uploaded to GS by July 30th*
*MSPSP Fall 2017 Schedule Verification Period: July 31st - August 1st. All schedules final August 2nd*
*Early Passcard Pickup - July 21st, 9am-noon / 1pm-3pm MSPSP office*

Spring 2017 MSPSP Champions (NEW)
MSPSP Team Official Sendoff Policy (NEW)
U13 MRL Endorsement Criteria/MSPSP U13 Divisional Offerings
MSPSP Calendar Birth Year Policy
Age Eligibility Chart
MSPSP Reschedule Policy (NEW)
MSPSP/State Cup Dual Result Request Form (NEW)

9401 General Drive, Suite 130
Plymouth, MI 48170