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Michigan State Premier Soccer Program (MSPSP)

Michigan State Premier Soccer Program (MSPSP)

The Michigan State Premier Soccer Program (MSPSP), also known as the Michigan State Premier Soccer League (MSPSL), is Michigan's competitive state-wide soccer league. We represent over 12,000 talented young boys and girls annually. Our purpose is to promote the development and execution of highly skilled youth soccer, sportsmanship, quality coaching and officiating within the State of Michigan.


*MSPSP Fall 2017 Champions have been officially announced!* (NEW)
*Any match not played during the MSPSP season is turned over to the MSPSP Board of Directors to determine a result. The MSPSP Board will review the match and all supplemental info provided. Possible outcomes are a forfeit or voided match. The MSPSP Board will look to see if all possible options were exhausted to attempt to get the match played. Forfeiture fines are $250.00 plus the team is ineligible to win the division in which they par

*MSPSP Spring 2018 season: March 23rd - June 15th*
*MSPSP Spring 2018 season Calendar available* (NEW)
*MSPSP Team Official Sendoff Policy* (NEW)
*MSPSP/State Cup Dual Result Request Form* (NEW)
*MSPSP U15 Supplemental Division FAQ* (NEW)
All schedule changes must proceed via reschedules - MSPSP Reschedule Policy*
*U13 MRL Endorsement Criteria/MSPSP U13 Divisional Offerings*
*MSPSP Calendar Birth Year Transition Policy*
*Age Eligibility Chart*


Important Dates:
January 15th - Late player additions begin ($25)
January 18th & 19th - MSPSP Office Closed (United Soccer Coaches Convention)
February 6th - Spring 2018 MSPSP pre-Divisions posted
February 8th - Divisioning Meeting (MSPSP Office, 10am - if attending, one club rep only)
February 9th - Divisions final
February 12th - Scheduling Begins, team contacts posted via GotSoccer division contacts page
February 12th - 14th - MSPSP Office Closed
February 23rd - Early Passcard Pickup (MSPSP Office, 8am-12pm / 1pm-3pm or shipped via shipping request)
February 26th - March 1st - Schedule verification period (must have scheduled uploaded to GS by Feb 25th)
March 15th - Passcard & Team Packet distribution (MSPSP Office, 4pm-7pm or shipped via shipping request)
March 17th - Passcard & Team Packet distribution (MSPSP Office, 9am-12pm)
March 17th - MSPSP New Coach meeting (MSPSP Office, 10am-11am)
March 23rd - Spring 2018 MSPSP season begins

9401 General Drive, Suite 130
Plymouth, MI 48170

Tyler Zbik, Program Manager
(734) 459-6220 Ext 201

Tom Faro, MSYSA Executive Director
(734) 459-6220 Ext 205