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Michigan State Premier Soccer League (MSPSP)

Michigan State Premier Soccer League (MSPSP)


Fall 2021

Is your club new to MSPSP or has not participated with MSPSP in the previous two years? If so, contact MSPSP
so that we can properly set you up for enrollment via GotSport registration and within SportsForms.

If your club is not displayed within the drop-down menu within SportsForms, contact MSPSP.

MSPSP Registration FAQ
Event Enrollment / Team Information Submission
Team Information Sheet (Sample)
Affiliation Form (PDF)
Affiliation Form (word doc)
MSPSP Fall 2021 Calendar

MSPSP Division FAQ
NLC Endorsement Criteria
U15 Supplemental Division FAQ
Request for Early Passcards (distributed digitally)


-        See the document labeled 'Event Enrollment/Team Information Submission’ for detailed instructions to enter your team in the GotSoccer event and provide divisioning information.

-        In order to participate in Michigan State Premier Soccer Program, all teams must be entered into the GotSport event prior to the registration deadline.

PLAYER REGISTRATION: https://www.sportsforms.club/mspsp.html

Fall registration fees are:
$550.00 for all teams

It is the responsibility of the affiliating league or MSYSA Direct Member to submit payment to MSPSP with the Affiliation Form by the registration deadline (July 1st) and to have all teams entered into the Fall 2021 MSPSP event in GotSport.