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Michigan State Premier Soccer Program (MSPSP)

Michigan State Premier Soccer Program (MSPSP)


**All teams MUST be registered for the MSPSP Spring 2019 Event in GotSoccer PRIOR to the registration meeting on January 12th**

MSPSP Spring 2019 Registration FAQ
MSPSP Spring 2019 Club Application
(to be completed once per year by each club, prior to enrolling teams)

Event Enrollment / Team Information Submission
Team Information Sheet (Sample, Divisioning Questions)
MSPSP Spring 2019 Calendar
MSPSP Division FAQ (Spring 2019)
U13 NLC Endorsement Criteria
U15 Supplemental Division FAQ
League Affiliation Form (PDF)
League Affiliation Form (.doc)
MSPSP Player Registration Form
Request for Early Passcards (distributed digitally)


-        See the document labeled Event Enrollment/Team Information Submission’ on the Rules and Forms tab of the MSPSP website for detailed instructions to enter your team in the GotSoccer event and provide divisioning information.

-        Team placement (division) information will be submitted digitally.

-        In order to participate in Michigan State Premier Soccer Program, all teams must be entered into the GotSoccer event prior to the registration meeting.

-        U13 teams previously participating in NLC Qualifying will have first-right to Premier 1, Premier 2, etc, based on their performance. Statewide division winners will be follow.

-        Please note: Filling out a petition is a request, not a guarantee, that your request will be fulfilled. The divisioning meeting is available for possible adjustments.


Spring registration fees are:

$550.00 for new teams (teams that did not participate Fall 2018).
$200 for returning teams (U13-U15B / U13-U15G returning from Fall 2018).

It is the responsibility of the affiliating league to submit payment to MSPSP with the League Affiliation Form at the time of registration, and to have all teams entered into the Spring 2019 MSPSP event in GotSoccer that they are affiliating.


-        All NEW players for the spring season must fill out a Player Registration Form which can be found under the Rules and Forms tab of MSPSP website. All information on the form must be completed.  This includes the player’s name, address, date of birth, phone number, and signatures of the player, parent/guardian, coach, and affiliating league. 

-        Players who participated in the Fall season do NOT need to submit a new player contract.

-        Once the Player Registration Form is completed (after the MSYSA tryout deadline) the player is officially committed to the team for the entire seasonal year (fall and spring).

-        The box must be checked indicating the player has paid their individual registration fees and the box indicating the player has not signed with another MSYSA team (exception for dual registration).

-        MSPSP is no longer requiring proof of birth; it is the responsibility of the affiliating league to verify birth documents and to collect the required player/parent concussion form.

TEAM ROSTER: (see GotSoccer Instruction to print rosters)

-        No player can play up more than two age divisions except in the U19 division, where MSPSP designates Classic 1 & 2 as age-diverse divisions to accommodate ‘High School Open’ style-play (see below).

-        All MSPSP teams must have a minimum of 15 players and a maximum of 22 players. This does not apply for the U15 Supplemental Division.

-        The Player Registration Forms must be placed in the same order as listed on the Team Roster in the registration envelope (collected from the MSPSP office). The information on the Team Roster must be the same as the information included on the Player Registration Form (DOB, name, address, etc).

-       Each team can have a maximum of four team coaches, plus a team manager. Additional coaches will require a $25 fee. This has been increased to allow more flexibility and availability for reschedules.

-       U19 HIGH SCHOOL OPEN’: MSPSP will offer high school open style play for players U15-U19 in the lowest division of U19 (typically Classic 2). No player can play down in age groups. Teams should request ‘lowest division’ and make note that the team is made up of high-school age diverse players. Teams will not be placed in the ‘High School Open’ division UNLESS they state they are seeking ‘High School Open’ and request the lowest division.


All head coaches of teams playing in NLC Qualifying, Premier 1, Premier 2, and Premier 3 shall be required to have a minimum “D” license (state or national), NSCAA National Diploma, or equivalent international licenses from UEFA or other bodies of coaching education (if international license, to be reviewed by MSYSA Coaching Education).

All head coaches of teams playing in any Statewide, Classic, Regional, or Supplemental divisions shall be required to have either the previous ‘E’ license (MSYSA), or minimally complete two of the four MSYSA Grassroots Modules completed (11v11 required, 9v9 recommended). If a coach has a grassroots license and wishes / needs to advance to a ‘D’, they must complete all 4 modules.


All new head coaches in the Michigan State Premier Soccer Program must include a copy of their license at the time of registration. 


-        A head coach of a Classic division team that advances to the Premier division shall have one (1) season to obtain his/her "D" State-coaching license or NSCAA National Diploma.

-        Individuals listed as head coaches in both the Premier and Classic divisions shall be required to attend 80% of scheduled MSPSP matches.

-        Head coaches not attending 80% their teams scheduled matches shall be subject to disciplinary action.


If your team requires early passcards and /or rosters for pre-season tournaments, complete the Early Passcards form (found under the Registration page on website). Submit the form and $50.00 fee with the teams’ complete registration materials. Affiliation due at registration meeting with rest of teams.



The Registration Meeting will be at the MSPSP Office on January 12th  from 9am-12noon.  At the meeting the following will need to be completed and/or submitted to MSPSP:


¨  Each Team Registration Packet should contain:

o   Team Roster. Print out copy from GotSoccer

o   Completed player contracts (registration forms), signed by affiliate.

o   If needed: Early Passcard form & fee

o   If required: coaches’ licenses (new, or updated)

¨  Team enrolled in the MSPSP Spring 2019 event (see Event Enrollment/Team Information Submission document)

¨  Affiliation Forms for all affiliations / clubs.

¨  Registration Payment: $550 per new team, $200 per returning teams


Check over carefully!  Each team’s paperwork must be submitted in the original registration packet envelope provided by the MSPSP, with the appropriate information filled out on the front of the envelope, one team per envelope for ALL teams (even returning teams).


If you need registration packets – please contact MSPSP.