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Michigan State Premier Soccer League (MSPSP)

Michigan State Premier Soccer League (MSPSP)


MSPSP Registration FAQ
Event Enrollment / Team Information Submission
Team Information Sheet (Sample)
MSPSP Spring 2021 Calendar
MSPSP Division FAQ
U13 NLC Endorsement Criteria
U15 Supplemental Division FAQ
League Affiliation Form (PDF)
League Affiliation Form (.doc)
Request for Early Passcards (distributed digitally)


-        See the document labeled Event Enrollment/Team Information Submission’ on the Rules and Forms tab of the MSPSP website for detailed instructions to enter your team in the GotSoccer event and provide divisioning information.

-        Team placement (division) information will be submitted digitally.

-        In order to participate in Michigan State Premier Soccer Program, all teams must be entered into the GotSoccer event prior to the registration meeting.

-        Please note: Filling out a petition is a request, not a guarantee, that your request will be fulfilled. The divisioning meeting is available for possible adjustments.

PLAYER REGISTRATION: https://www.sportsforms.club/mspsp.html

Spring registration fees are:
$550.00 for all teams who did not participate MSPSP Fall 2020.
$200.00 for returning teams from MSPSP Fall 2020.

There is a rebate ($50) per team based on MSPSP Fall 2020 participation. This rebate is applied to the clubs registration cost that is due by January 16th rather than during team enrollment in GotSoccer (where you select payment via check or online). If registration is paid for online during enrollment, MSPSP will issue a rebate check in the total amount owed to the club after registration. If your club does not participate in MSPSP Spring 2021, MSPSP will issue a rebate check in the total amount owed to the club.

MSPSP will notify clubs of their rebate amounts based on Fall 2020 enrollment as a reminder.

The rebate amount will be determined by how many Fall 2020 MSPSP teams the club had. The rebate is $50 per team. For example, for 10 Fall 2020 teams the total rebate amount is $500.
The team registration cost is based off the total cost of your teams (550 for new, 200 for returning).

Clubs that have an affiliate that do not pay direct to MSPSP (GVSA, WMYSA, WSSL, MYSL, MMYSL, CASL, etc)Subtract rebate amount from the team registration cost that is owed to your affiliate. The affiliate will then then pay MSPSP.
Direct Members who pay directly to MSPSP via check: Subtract rebate amount from your team registration cost in check to MSPSP due January 16th.
Direct Members who pay directly to MSPSP via online payment: MSPSP will issue rebate via check to your club after registration.

It is the responsibility of the affiliating league or MSYSA Direct Member to submit payment to MSPSP with the Affiliation Form by the registration deadline (January 16th) and to have all teams entered into the Spring 2021 MSPSP event in GotSoccer.