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Michigan State Premier Soccer Program (MSPSP)

MSPSP Premier Weekend
Fall 2019 - September 14th & 15th

Total Sports Wixom - 3 Indoor Fields (Wembley / Old Trafford / Dome)

32 Time Slots Available
Saturday Sept 14th: 8AM (3), 10AM (3), 12PM (3), 2PM (3), 4PM (3), 6PM (3), 8PM (3)
Sunday Sept 15th: 8AM (3), 12PM (2), 2PM (3), 4PM (3)

MSPSP plans to host an event that will provide teams an environment to complete league matches (up to 2 max) at an indoor facility with state assigned officiating crews. Referees will be assessed at each game by a Referee Mentor and matches will also have a 4th official.


Teams will have no cost other than referee paymentsMSPSP covers the 4th official & the facility.

To apply, each team must submit the MSPSP Premier Weekend Application found below.

This form must be filled out by each team in order to apply for the MSPSP Premier Weekend. This does not guarantee participation - your promptness and flexibility / availability do.


Once BOTH teams have completed the application, MSPSP will provide teams with the next scheduling instructions. Without both teams submitting the form, entry is not permitted.


This is a first come first serve event based on availability. There will be 32 time slots - Teams can register for up to 2 time slots vs opponents from their MSPSP division. The MSPSP Premier Weekend is not permitted for U15 Supplemental matches.


Availability of time slots will be posted on the MSPSP website until MSPSP confirms the match is scheduled with the facility.

MSPSP PREMIER WEEKEND APPLICATION FORM: https://www.gotsport.com/forms/open/?FormID=2663