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Michigan State Premier Soccer Program (MSPSP)

Michigan State Premier Soccer Program (MSPSP)

MSPSP Fall 2017 Champions

All MSPSP Champions receive a Fall 2017 MSPSP Champion box containing 22 shirts.

Shirts (boxes) can be shipped to you from our office via shipping request ($25 cash or check, will cover 2 boxes via UPS -http://www.gotsport.com/Content/directors/upimg/dir5457/mspspshipmentrequestform.pdf
or picked up from our office (must notify us prior to ensure availability).

Shirt sizes are pre-determined based on age/gender.

U13B: 10S, 8M, 3L, 1XL
U13G: 12S, 8M, 1L, 1XL
U14B: 9S, 9M, 3L, 1XL
U14G: 11S, 8M, 2L, 1XL
U15B: 7S, 9M, 5L, 1XL
U15G: 10S, 9M, 2L, 1XL
U16G: 9S, 10M, 2L, 1XL
U17G: 8S, 9M, 4L, 1XL
U18G: 8S, 9M, 4L, 1XL
U19G: 8S, 8M, 5L, 1 XL

All Premier 1 & MRL Qualifying divisions receive 22 MSPSP Champions patches in their box. These divisions signify the highest level of competition within MSPSP and the patches are to reflect the top MSPSP team in each respective age group. MSPSP encourages champions to wear their patches on their jersey (placement does not matter and this is not required).