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Michigan State Premier Soccer League (MSPSP)

Michigan State Premier Soccer League (MSPSP)
MSPSP U16 Girls - Fall 2022 Final Standings

U16 Girls
Premier 1: SWM Kickers 2007G Blue
Premier 2: Royal Oak FC 2007 Girls Green
Premier 3A: Fraser SC Select 2007 Girls
Premier 3B: Saline FC 07 Girls Black
Classic Navy: Romeo FC 07 Rebels

GF / GA min & max is +4 & -4.
Voided matches adjust table points based on match multiplier.
No Result / Null matches do not adjust the table.

U16G Premier 1
Champion: SWM Kickers 2007G Blue

U16G Premier 2
Champion: Royal Oak FC 2007 Girls Green
(3) In the event that more than two teams have tied for the most game points, the following tiebreaker shall apply:
(a) The winner of most games.
(b) Goal Differential (Maximum of four goals per win)

U16G Premier 3A
Champion: Fraser SC Select 2007 Girls

U16G Premier 3B
Champion: Saline FC 07 Girls Black

U16G Classic Navy
Champion: Romeo FC 07 Rebels